Analytical quality control of raw materials and products of NPP Neftekhimia LLC is carried out by the testing laboratory of MIPP — NPO Plastic JSC.

Every day 150-160 analyses are performed in the laboratory, including:

  • methods for determining the composition of raw hydrocarbons and trace elements by GOST 10679-76, GOST 24975.1-89, using chromatographs with flame ionization, pulsating photometric and pulsating helium detector;
  • determination of water by Karl Fischer coulometric titration method, using the titrator with microprocessor control.
  • flow index of polypropylene according to GOST 11645-73 or ASTM D1238 is determined by means of applying plastometers produced by the CEAST and AST FAAR companies, Italy.
  • physical and mechanical properties (tensile test, impact test, elasticity modulus) are determined according to ASTM D 638, GOST 11262-80, GOST 19109-84, ASTM D 256, GOST 9550-81, ASTM D 790, using laboratory equipment produced by INSTRON, England.
  • Vicat softening temperature is determined according to GOST 15088-83-93, ASTM D1525 using the equipment produced by the AST FAAR Company, Italy.

In addition, activity of the polymerizing catalyst is tested using the TECHNIMONT laboratory equipment (Italy) for propylene polymerization.