Members of the company

SIBUR is the largest petrochemical company in Russia and Eastern Europe with full coverage of the industry cycle from gas processing to the production of monomers, plastics, synthetic rubber and plastics processing. SIBUR is a vertically integrated company, which gas processing capacity provides petrochemical manufacturing with its own raw materials.

The company produces more than 2,000 kinds of products. In the Russian market SIBUR processes more than half of the associated gas and produces 22% of propylene, 19% of polypropylene, 16% of polyethylene, 44% of synthetic rubber, as well as a significant part of the other petrochemical products. Holding unites enterprises in 20 regions of Russia with the total staff of over 30 thousand employees. Management is based on the product-divisional principle.

The structure includes four SIBUR Directorates ( hydrocarbon raw materials , base polymers , plastics and Organic Synthesis , synthetic rubber ).

Gazpromneft - Moscow NPZ JSC is one of the leading companies in the industry and the largest oil-products supplier on the market of the Moscow Region. The plant employs more than 3 thousand highly skilled workers and specialists.

Refining capacity is 12,150 thou. tons per year. The share of the Moscow NPZ in total refining is 5.2-5.5%. By the processing volume Moscow NPZ is among the ten Russian plants with the largest volume of oil refining ranking the seventh.

Modern environmentally developed technologies.

23 processing units.

Advantage of secondary processes capacity: the proportion of hydrogenation processes for gasoline, middle and vacuum distillates cleaning is 55%, the proportion of destructive and gasoline refining processes is 25%.