Analytical quality control of raw materials and products of NPP Neftekhimia LLC is carried out by the testing laboratory of Petroleum Analysts JSC - Saybolt Group company.

Every day 150-160 analyses are performed in the laboratory, including:

  • methods for determining the composition of raw hydrocarbons and trace elements by GOST 10679-76, GOST 24975.1-89, using chromatographs with flame ionization, pulsating photometric and pulsating helium detector;
  • determination of water by Karl Fischer coulometric titration method, using the titrator with microprocessor control.
  • polypropylene flow index according to GOST 11645-73 or ASTM D1238 is determined by means of applying plastometers produced by CEAST and AST FAAR, Italy.
  • physical and mechanical properties (tensile test, impact test, elasticity modulus) are determined according to ASTM D 638, GOST 11262-80, 19109-84, ASTM D 256, GOST 9550-81, ASTM D 790, using the laboratory equipment produced by INSTRON, England.
  • Vicat softening temperature is determined according to GOST 15088-83-93, ASTM D1525 using the equipment produced by AST FAAR Company, Italy.

In addition, the activity of the polymerizing catalyst is tested using the laboratory equipment for propylene polymerization produced by TECHNIMONT, Italy.